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Of the many figures in the history of surfing, Bob Simmons really resonates with me. Not only did he take hydrodynamic theory and create one of the most unique, fastest, and funnest boards ever, but he also designed and built the first composite sandwich surfboard. By the early fifties he had built surfboards as short as six feet with styrofoam cores, balsa rails, and a plywood veneer sealed with fiberglass and resin. Bob didnt consider his boards surfboards but, "hydrodynamic planing hulls". My favorite part about this board is its ability to make flat, mushy sections fast and fun. They take some getting used to, but are well worth the effort. Keeping your foot over the finset and stepping towards the inside rail on big turns really helps. No other board has provided so much fun in normally frustrating surf. I shape these a little longer and narrower than normal in order to give them bigger range and make them a little more user friendly. Order custom for unique requirements. Wood:  Poplar, Red Cedar or Mahogony

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