Foam rail option - base price

The lightest weight option. Still very durable compared to a polyester board. Three full wraps of 4oz cloth and one wrap of 1.4oz cloth. Two layers are vacuum bagged giving you a tighter stronger lamination.  Base price includes solid wood nose and tail blocks.


Wood rail option - additional $215

The ultimate in durability and visual pleasure. Just under 1/2" of solid wood around the rails. Adds some weight, but creates a nice rail to rail transition. Positive performance in chop and large stuff.


Glass flex fin option - base price

A basic fcs fin with better flex pattern than an all plastic fin


Shaper's Fin option - additional $45

Cored carbon and glass fins. Shapers Fins are nicely designed fins that will give your ride an extra crisp feeling. Often overlooked, fins play a huge roll in the performance of a board. Change fins to adjust and balance drive (projection) verses looseness. With some effort and a quiver of fins you can often-times solve an issue tainting your ride.