• Excessive heat and leaks are the two things to keep an eye out for. 
  • If you ding your board, fix it, dont surf it. Carry epoxy solarez or dingstick and sandpaper to keep you surfing, but remember, leaking shoddy ding repair is a notorious board killer.  Dry out the board completely and do a quality ding repair with epoxy.  Better yet, bring it to me or another professional ding repair shop
  • Do not leave your board in direct hot sunlight for extended lengths of time.  Take a board bag to the beach, throw it under a bush. Keep it out of hot cars.
  • Use a padded board bag, they are well worth the small investment, talk to me at the time of purchase, I can set you up if needed. Unzip the bag when in storage.
  • When a board heats up in the sun it exhales (expands), this is when you will see water or bubbles come out of it, dry and fix.  When a board hits the cold water it inhales (contracts), this is why you dont want any leaks in the fiberglass.


Tilley Surfboards are Warrantied for one year for workmanship and Materials.  Neglect due to excessive heat or leaking dings voids any warranty.